Kratos was the personification of strength and power in Greek mythology.

The Triangle. What a beautiful little symbol △ . I chose this symbol to be a statement in my new men inspired collection. Because, well the list is long, but here are just a few reasons why.

Some of the beautiful things the Triangle Symbol represents:

Gender, Creativity, Harmony, Proportion, Ascension, Culmination, Illumination, Integration, Subjectivity, Manifestation. This sort of versatility is what captures themes of magic, wonder and creativity in the triangle meaning.

Also the triangle has been known to represent the Mind, Body, & Spirit trinity.

My favourite meaning behind the triangle though, STRENGTH. It is the strongest shape. We get faced with so much in this life. But always remember:
△You are stronger than you think you are. △
You have so much beautiful power inside you. Never forget that.

Sterling Silver

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